Targeted Marketing/SEO/SEM

Identifying your target market can be extremely difficult, with web design there is an important factor to consider: "If you build it, they will not always necessarily come". Luckily, thanks to all of the demographics available on the internet, advances in technology have allowed us to market people based on their purchases, searches or buying patterns. We are able to use these analytic tools to help you drive traffic to your website and maintain a powerful presence that attracts more customers.

Content Design & Development

Content design and copy-writing can be tedious and time consuming. Our custom packages can get you through this tough task from start to finish. Whether you decide to create your own content, or utilize our staff to bring your website to life with colorful and creative content, we have you covered.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla allow our customers to easily edit and change content on the fly. These systems are so easy to use in most cases our customers can edit and create content in a matter of minutes using feature filled editors that are similar to current word processing systems they already use. Blogs, videos, images and text content can be added and edited "on the fly" reducing the overall cost of having a web developer create content. 

Programming Services

Custom programming? No problem! We specialize in many different programming languages and platforms to help build custom solutions tailored specifically to you. If you have a custom request please fill out the contact request form for a free estimate. Programming services begin at just $55 and hour.

Service Fee Overview



Basic Online presence


Basic Online Store with Payment Options


Basic Copywriting Package – 10 Pages


Premium Online Store (See Details)


Accounting System Integration


Marketplace (eBay, Amazon) Integration


Custom Web Development


Existing Site Upgrade/Maintenance


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (see details)


Marketing Consulting Services



Advanced Services, Fast Delivery

If you are a small to medium sized business and need a website, we can help. We are focused on developing close partnerships with our clients that enable us to effectively build a web presence for your business so you can focus more on what you need to do, running your business.

While website design is becoming easier and easier, one has to take into account that creative and  unique content is becoming less and less common . In order to stand out on the internet today your business needs to be reflected in a way that stands out, and we have the creative ability to do so. Content Management Systems (CMS) allow us to work with our clients to develop a wide array of solutions, from a  simple website to a powerful Customer Relationship Management platform.

Our design packages start at just $199 which includes your first 3 months of fully managed Web and E-mail hosting, please contact us below for further details.

Web Hosting

We offer custom web hosting packages (that are anything but basic!) starting at just $239 a year. You do not need to spend massive amounts of resources to ensure you have a fast, reliable web host that provides backups and redundancy.

For more information visit our Cloud hosting page


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Comprehensive E-Commerce Solutions

Computers simplify our lives, so why is it so hard to simplify an E-Commerce solution that is completely integrated? We specialize in creating integrated E-Commerce solutions that work with the tools you currently use. We can build a solution from the ground up, or integrate into existing accounting systems, web stores and online market places/merchants. With any package you choose, you should be able to:

  • Synchronize data between sources such as your accounting system and web store.
  • Easily track inventory on products sold, track what has sold and where
  • Track expenses and purchases
  • Push products from your web store to online market places
  • Easily re-order inventory and goods
  • And ultimately, provide your customers with an easy and stress free professional experience

The ultimate goal of any online vendor is to provide your customers with a quality stress free experience that keeps them purchasing time and time again, often many customers will abandon their shopping carts because the checkout process is too difficult or takes too long. Offering a wide range of easy to use checkout services you can accommodate any form of payment for fast and easy checkout.

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