Retail Technology Services

Services Offered

Running a retail business is hard work, but we have your technology covered so that you can focus on the products and services you offer. We have experience with all major retail software and hardware platforms and can easily integrate or upgrade new technology reliably and efficiently.

For a custom, flat rate package please contact us here for a quote.

On-site Consulting/Repair $65/Hour
System Integration (Hardware/Software Integration) $85/Hour
New POS Installation Package (Per Terminal) $850
Credit Card Terminal Installation $150
Software Configuration $65/Hour
Training $45/Hour
Website/Accounting System Integration $125/Hour

Retail Management Solutions

A business of any size can greatly benefit from properly installed and configured Retail management software such as Microsoft RMS, Oracle NetSuite and many other custom solutions that we offer. We often see retail businesses and distributors that only take small advantages of the capabilities their software provides and create more work or cut themselves short of profit margins. Knowing what you have in inventory, and what you pay for it creates advantages that increase profit and productivity.

When considering proper inventory management, consider the following:

  • Do you have the product?
  • Can you quickly and easily generate purchase orders for re-ordering product?
  • Are you properly tracking your expenses and losses?
  • Is your tax reporting timely and accurate?
  • Can you identify products you are losing on?
  • Can you quickly and easily with the press of a button see your most popular selling items?
  • Do you know your strongest audience and markets?

People often forget the value of analytics. If we don't know what we are selling, how much and what our profit margins are we can not successfully project future sales and increase profits while decreasing cost. The tools we can provide can help you better reach your goals and help provide you with lower overhead in product purchase expenses.

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Retail/POS Packages

We offer several turnkey retail packages that include all of the hardware and software you need to get your retail business up and going or up to date. Whether you are looking for a compact package or full checkout workstation we can offer you a flat rate package that fits your specific business needs. Our packages include all of the hardware and software you need to track sales, manage inventory and provide retail counter checkout quickly and efficiently.

A typical checkout workstation includes:

  • Sales Terminal Computer
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Receipt Printer
  • Automatic Cash Drawer
  • Credit Card/Chip Reader (With Contact-less payments, pin pad)
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • Customer Price Display (Price Pole)
  • Full Size Keyboard for Data/Inventory Entry

Compact Terminals:

  • iPad/Android Device with Display Stand
  • Automatic Cash Drawer
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Credit Card/Chip Reader (With Contact-less payments, on-screen pin pad)
  • Orbital Monitor Display (Face to customer for signatures or payments)
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Enabled
  • Optional Integrated Bar Code Scanner

Portable/Mobile Solutions:Android Portable Point of sale

  • Fully Portable Integrated Handheld Solution
  • WiFi Enabled
  • Bluetooth Support (Printers and pin pads)
  • On-Screen Pen entry and signature capture
  • Optional Integrated Barcode Scanner
  • Works With Most Popular POS Packages