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Choosing a web host can be a tedious task, and if you are in a position where you do not know exactly what your requirements are performance issues after you establish hosting can be frustrating, expensive and time-consuming to resolve.

When it comes to meeting the minimum requirements for software packages such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal a "farmed out" hosting solution may not be a clear choice. Hosting providers that share resources amongst many clients may be sluggish and even almost inoperable at times.

Let our team of highly trained and experienced Joomla, Drupal and WordPress professionals help you choose a package that is right for you, or you may choose a package below that best fits your needs.

All of our hosting solutions come with FREE site transfer - You do not have to worry about any additional expenses to get your data moved to your new and dedicated hosting platform.

On top of moving your website, with all mid-size packages and above we will offer you some free tips and provide you with 2 free hours of consulting service regarding your Google PageSpeed and yslow scores.

Optimized for E-commerce

All of our solutions are optimized to provide an excellent customer experience when it comes to E-commerce. Each site we transfer includes A free health check to ensure your shopping cart framework is operating at it's optimal and peak performance levels.

All of our packages include:

  • Performance Guarantee - we fine-tune our performance settings continually to provide optimized services for Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.
  • Free site optimization - every new account or renewal includes 4 hours of labor for site optimization. We will make recommendations and changes free of charge that will help improve your sites ranking as well as your intended audiences browsing experience.
  • Free web hosting control panel
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Free off-site backups (WordPress only)
  • Secure E-mail service
  • SSH Access
  • memcached for increased database speed
  • Nginx reverse proxy for enhanced speed and lower sever response times

We manage everything - If you need a custom extension or module we will gladly assist you in enabling it for your website. Some packages such as Imagify or Dolibarr require special PHP or apache extensions to be enabled.


Light Package

4TB transfer
4 Core Intel Xeon

$599.95/year (49.95/mo)

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Mid-size Package

4 Core intel Xeon
5TB Transfer

$719.95/year (59.95/mo)

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Extended Performance Package
6TB transfer
2x 4 Core Intel Xeon
* HIPAA Compliant/Daily & Weekly security audits

$959.95/year ($79.95/mo)

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Enterprise Package
2x 4 Core Intel Xeon E5 Series
10TB transfer
* HIPAA Compliant/Daily & Weekly security audits

$1439.95/year. ($119.95/mo)

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Hosting Account top up - $50

Pay as you go packages for advanced customers. $50 @ $0.05 per compute hour (per instance)

  • Flat Rate $0.05/Hour with no usage/overage restrictions (normal hardware limits in place)
  • Windows Licensing Included
  • 3TB Transfer per $10, first 1TB included


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Why are our packages only available as a yearly subscription?

We purchase your compute time in bulk one year in advance. This enables us to get a significant pricing advantage over our competitors that we can pass along to you.

Since we purchase resources ahead of time you can rest assured that your service will be continued for no less than the length of time you purchased.


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